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wang zhiying

Eng. Zhiying Wang

Zhiying Wang

via la masa 34, milan, Italy
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Politecnico di Milano
Beijing University of Aronautics and Astronautics
No.37. Xueyuan Road, Beijing, China
+39 2399 8457
+39 3296987245


  1. Jan. 2007- present: Ph.D. Candidate in Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano
      Main interest:  Space robots, Multi-legged robot, Multi-body dynamics and control
      Supervisor:    Prof. Alberto Rovetta

  1. Sept. 2005- present: Ph.D. Candidate in Mechanical and electronic Engineering

 Robotic Institute, Beihang University
      Main interest:  Space robots
      Supervisor:    Prof. Xilun Ding, Prof. Zhen Lu  

  1. Sept. 2001- Mar. 2004: M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering

    Anhui University of Technology
      Thesis:    Research on Control Method of the Hot-Blast Stove Combustion System
    Supervisor: Guangyang Wang

  1. Sept. 1995-Jul. 1999: B.S. in Chemical Technics

    Anhui University of Technology


  1. Fellowship of University 1998 ,1999
  2. Graduate Fellowship, 2000
  3. Excellent Graduated Student and fellowship of Anhui Province, 2001.3        


  1. Metamorphic robots, space robots
  2. Legged robot, Dynamics
  3. Mechatronics, Intelligent control




  1.  Jan. 2004-Sep.2005  Research & Development Engineer 

Rich Island Information Engineering Co. Nanjing
Main job: Develop new arithmetic for the research field of petrochemical Industry;
              Develop new codes for chemical engineering software.
Projects participated: Oil Database & Management System for China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (two)

  1. Jul. 1999-May 2001 Technician of coking and chemical engineering

Coal Chemical Process Co. of Panzhihua Steel &Iron Group, Panzhihua
Main job:  Design and maintenance of chemical process procedure;
          Coordinate relations among experts, technicians and workers;
          Design new software and maintain old software that were used for coal chemical industry.
Projects done alone: Software for autonomous recording coke pushing information;
          Manage software for industry materials and tools. 
Projects participated: Design autonomous control strategy for the combustion system of coking stove;
                    Software of the Management Information System.


  1. Wang Zhiying, Ding Xilun, Alberto Rovetta, Structure Design and Locomotion Analysis of a Novel Robot for Lunar Exploration, 12th IFToMM World Congress, Besançon (France), June18-21, 2007.
  2. Conceptual Design of a Novel Robotics System for Planetary Exploration, CICA’06 2006.06( in press)
  3. Guangyang Wang, Zhiying Wang, etc.,Fuzzy Controller Used in Combustion System of Hot-Blast Stove, Journal of Iron and Steel Research, 2004.vol 5.
  4. Guangyang Wang, Zhiying Wang etc, CICA’04 2004.03
  5. Guangyang Wang, Zhiying Wang, etc., Parameter optimizing about fuzzy control on hot -blast stove' s combustion system, Journal of Anhui University of Technology, 2003.10
  6.  Zhiying Wang, management of materials and tools by computer for coking workshop, Economical management of Panzhihua Steel & Iron Co., 2000.05
  7. Zhiying Wang, Deqiang Li, etc., application of autonomous pyrology adjusting in 6 meters coking stoves of Panzhihua Steel & Iron Co., Pan Gang technology 2001.03
  8. Boyuan Yao, Zhiying Wang, etc,Automatic Weighing and Data Management Coal Quality Analysis, Fuel & Chemical Processes 2001,32(1) –9-12



  1. English (fluent )
  2. Chinese (native speaker)


  •   Matlab, ADAMS, SOLIDWORK
  •   Visual Basic, C#, visual c, .net, VBA in Office Series,
  •   Photoshop, VML, Office Series


Robotics Laboratory, Via La Masa 34, Politecnico di Milano,
Bovisa campus TEL 02.2399.8407 FAX 02.2399.9492
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