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Federico Vicentini

Ing. Federico Vicentini

Tel. 02-2399.4847; fax 02-70638377



PhD (2007) in Engineering of Mechanical Systems, MS (2003) in Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. His research interests encompass autonomous robotics, evolutionary computation, neural networks and swarm robotics. He also experienced distributed sensor networks and environment monitoring devices from hardware/software/firmware viewpoint. (Once upon a time) he worked on biorobotics, prosthetic robotics and signal analysis for biomechanics.
His teaching experience is mainly in the fields of industrial robotics, mechatronics and automation, and of AI and autonomous robotics.



Robotics Laboratory, Via La Masa 34, Politecnico di Milano,
Bovisa campus TEL 02.2399.8407 FAX 02.2399.9492
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